All papers accepted for the workshop are available below. Position papers and project presentations are available in their final version. Full papers have been published in the Springer LNCS post-workshop proceedings and are available by Springer subscription (free access for participants until March 16. 2023).

From the accepted full papers, three were nominated for the CONVERSATIONS Best Paper Award. See the nominees and the winner here.


Interacting with the news through voice user interfaces. Oda Elise Nordberg and Frode Guribye (full paper)

Hi, I’m Cecil(y) the Smoking Cessation Chatbot: The Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing and Confrontational Counseling Chatbots and the Moderating Role of the Need for Autonomy and Self-Efficacy. Linwei He and Lotte Leeuwis (full paper). Best paper nominee.

Understanding the Intention to Use Mental Health Chatbots Among LGBTQIA+ Individuals: Testing and Extending the UTAUT. Tanja Henkel, Annemiek J. Linn and Margot J. van der Goot (full paper)


Conversation Mining for Customer Service Chatbots. Daniel Schloß and Ulrich Gnewuch (position paper)

An Affective Multi-Modal Conversational Agent for Non Intrusive Data Collection from Patients with Brain Diseases. Chloe Chira, Evangelos Mathioudis, Christina Michailidou, Pantelis Agathangelou, Georgia Christodoulou, Ioannis Katakis, Stratos Kontopoulos and Konstantinos Avgerinakis (full paper)

Enhancing Conversational Troubleshooting with Multi-modality: Design and Implementation. Giulio Antonio Abbo, Pietro Crovari and Franca Garzotto (full paper). Best paper nominee.


Conversational Agents for Promoting Mental Health and Well-being: A Systematic Review (Work-in-Progress). Renwen Zhang, Han Li and Yi-Chieh Lee (position paper)

Prototyping Interactive Journaling with AI: Exploring Words and Language as Interaction Design Materials. Max Angenius and Maliheh Ghajargar (full paper)

Increasing the Coverage of Clarification Responses for a Cooking Assistant. Gina Stolwijk and Florian Kunneman (full paper)

Assessing the Natural Language Understanding Dilemma of Chatbots: Seeing or not Seeing the Forest for the Trees. Esmé Manandise and Raj Srivastava (position paper)


Voice Your Opinion! Young Voters’ Usage and Perceptions of a Text-based, Voice-based and Text-Voice combined Conversational Agent Voting Advice Application (CAVAA). Christine Liebrecht, Naomi Kamoen and Céline Aerts (full paper)

A Framework and Content analysis of Social Cues in the Introductions of Customer Service Chatbots. Charlotte van Hooijdonk, Gabriëlla Martijn and Christine Liebrecht (full paper). Best paper award.

Chatbots as Part of Digital Government Service Provision – A User Perspective. Nadia Abbas, Asbjørn Følstad and Cato Alexander Bjørkli (full paper)

SMILE: SMart Inclusive Living Environments supporting aging in place using eHealth solutions. Jiaxin Li and Marita Skjuve (project presentation)


A virtual companion for older adults using the Rasa Conversational AI framework. Michael McTear, Sheen Varghese Marrokkie and Yaxin Bi (position paper)

Introducing a Framework for Designing and Evaluating Interactions with Conversational Agents. Mart Kicken, Chris van der Lee, Kim Tenfelde, Barbara Maat and Jan de Wit (position paper)

Designing Context-Aware Chatbots for Product Configuration. Niederer Tom, Daniel Schloß and Noemi Christensen. (full paper)


Value creation in gamified chatbot interactions and its impact on brand engagement. Susana Silva, Roberta De Cicco, Maria Levi and Maik Hammerschmidt (full paper)

Inclusive design of a sensitive virtual assistant to support people in vulnerable positions in their access to care. Hanneke van Heijster, Christine Liebrecht, Nadine Bol, Julia van Calis, Anneke van der Cruijsen, Marcel Dijkgraaf, Wien Feitz, Michael Muller, Emilie Tromp, Kris Bevelander and Marjolijn Antheunis (project presentation)

ENRICH4ALL Project. Dimitra Anastasiou, Radu Ion, Anders Ruge, Patrick Gratz, Svetlana Segărceanu, and George Suciu (project presentation)

Hungry Enough for a Chatbot: Automation Opportunities for a Restaurant Recommender. Vineeth Ravi and Jessica Staddon (project presentation)