Groupwork 2

Designing the Ideal Platform for Chatbot Development and Research

What is needed from a chatbot development platform to support chatbot research? How well do available platforms support chatbot research?

With the large number and diversity of tools available to design and run studies with conversational agents, it can be challenging to find the right tool to address a particular research question. In particular as available tools vary on key features such as intent recognition, performing actions, maintenance of a conversation flow, management of memory and dialogue state, and support for testing and development.

In this groupwork, Jan de Wit and Anouck Braggaar (Tilburg Univeristy) will share their experiences on tools that are currently available (e.g., Dialogflow, Rasa) and invite you to co-create the ideal supportive tool for chatbot research. (read the full groupwork presentation)

Groupwork process: The groupwork will include the following activities:

  1. Brief introduction round and interactive discussion on experiences (in development, research, and teaching) with currently available platforms (approx. 60 mins);
  2. Co-creation session in subgroups with pencil and paper to brainstorm about
    the ideal platform (approx. 40 mins);
  3. Wrap-up – map insights from the co-creation session to results from the interactive discussion (approx. 20 mins).

Grouopwork output: Outcomes shared with attendees and the broader audience of chatbot researchers, through an openly available report and potentially a scientific publication.